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Wie lerne ich reiten?

How to start riding? Where to begin?

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In order to learn to ride, it is absolutely necessary to first start at a riding school. All alone, without outside help – rather difficult. Of course, you first have to check your locations and see what appeals to you most? The most important thing is to start and the rest will follow. No matter where you go, if you talk to another rider or riding instructor, you will hear: What you learned there sucks! You have to do it completely differently! Don’t despair! It will stay that way. There are so many different approaches to riding. Of course everyone is right, somehow. You will certainly find out which approach suits you best along the way. In addition to my riding lessons, I bought a few books. This helps me to read the content from the riding lesson again and sometimes I discover other explanations that help me better than the riding instructor’s formulation. It can also happen that, for example, some types of help are described completely differently. If you have the opportunity, you can try it out during a riding lesson. Probably the most important thing when learning to ride is time! You can’t learn to ride in a few days. After just a few hours you can hold on to the horse and learn the basic gaits, then it starts to be fun, but believe me – that’s when it starts! Go on, even if it can be frustrating some times. Ultimately, it’s not just about riding, but about what you can learn from horses. Have fun.