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Whirlpools in Schottland

Whirlpools in Scotland

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At the beginning of September we were on the road with a motorhome in Scotland. Oban and the east coast were a set must-see program of ours, since we wanted to enjoy seafood in Oban’s ‘Green Shek’ again for a long time. And yes… the whisky in Oban is good too.
On the way there, we looked for a place to camp for the night, preferably with a view and a nice pub for the evening.
So we found a nice little pub in Easdale with a pitch for only £10 a night. Our route did not go directly past there, but a little detour does not hurt? Pub very good, pitch simple (only a parking lot without toilets) but quiet. By a happy coincidence we discovered Seafari, a boat tour operator.
Due to the special location on the Scottish coast, there are strong currents of up to 12 knots between the islands and partly whirlpools or standing waves can form. I would do it again immediately. Super team, fast boat and great impressions. 🙂
Along the way we saw a few seals, water birds and porpoises. So my recommendation for all who are traveling near Oban! Since the tours are based on low tide and high tide, you must ask for the current times!

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…and feel free to comment if you tried the tour?