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Whisky Sour

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For me, a good Whisky Sour is anything but easy…
A while ago I was able to try a Whisky Sour in a cocktail bar, and it was just amazing. At home I had to realize how many different ways I just couldn’t get it right.
After a long series of experiments with a few setbacks, here is my recipe for perhaps the best Whisky Sour that you can mix yourself:
Amount for 2 servings, glasses or whatever 😉

1.) Lemons – sugar ratio / Important!
Perhaps the most important thing about the whole cocktail. You should definitely taste the mixture first every time (!), as this can vary greatly depending on the lemons.
I try to get about 60 ml (two overfull shot glasses) with the freshly squeezed lemon juice. Add about 1/3 sugar syrup* – i.e. about 20 ml. This is shaken briefly and vigorously without ice. Now you can try and adjust how you prefer your mixture! I like it sour, so I adjust this so that the lemon is strong and you can taste just a little sweetness.

2.) The Whisky
I tried different Scotch. (I love scottish single malt Whisky). But it wasn’t convincing for me. My recommendation is therefore a Bourbon. Of this, double the amount of lemon juice – in our example
120 ml. – Put it in the shaker

3.) Egg white and shake
To really round off the taste, a (fresh!) egg white is added. Of course only from happy and totally balanced hens. Add a few ice cubes to the shaker and then shake vigorously.

4.) A few drops of Angostura
Now pour everything into two glasses with ice cubes and finally add a small splash of Angostura to the foam. – Complete

*You can easily make sugar syrup yourself: put 100 g sugar with 100 ml water in a pot and heat slowly (do not boil) until the sugar has completely dissolved.
I always prepare a little more and then keep the sugar syrup in the fridge. 

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